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Cloths & Applicators
Polishing cloths, multi-purpose microfibres, drying towels, cleaning cloths and presaturated wipes. Plus a range of applicators and accessories for dressing, cream and gel application, hand compounding, polishing and waxing.
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iQ-Puck 2-in-1 Hand Applicator
Scholl Concepts iQ-PUCK 2-in-1 Hand Applicator is a handy and intelligent two-in-one tool for man..
Ex Tax: £19.58
SP Novol Cleaning Wipes
Handy, throwaway 35 X 30cm SP Wonderspray pre-saturated wipes. The SP Novol wipes are formulated ..
Ex Tax: £3.83
Yellow Cleaning Cloth
Spautopia’s new Cleaning Cloth is an endless microfilament woven fabric which is extremely tear r..
Ex Tax: £1.50
Crazy Car Mop
Scholl Concepts' Crazy Car Mop has an extremely fine and compact microfibre cover for streak..
Ex Tax: £17.67
Triple Microfibre Pack
Great value multi-purpose microfibres, ideal for cleaning and general purpose automotive use. Tou..
Ex Tax: £2.29
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Budget Microfibre 12-Packs
Great value multi-purpose microfibres, ideal for cleaning and general purpose automotive, domesti..
Ex Tax: £8.33
Disposable Polish Applicator Cloths
Spautopia's throw-away, non-woven polish applicator cloths are designed for polish, gla..
Ex Tax: £2.54
Premium Lambswool Cleaning Glove
Scholl Concepts’ Premium Lambswool Cleaning Glove has excellent dirt capturing characteristics bu..
Ex Tax: £14.08
Soft Polishing Cloth
Spautopia's Soft Polishing Cloth was voted 2010 Best Buy in Auto Express. Our latest version of t..
Ex Tax: £1.50
Based on 1 reviews.
Anti-Lint Brush
Scholl Concepts Anti-Lint Brush is an extremely robust, all-plastic brush for the hygienic remova..
Ex Tax: £11.58
MicroPLUS Polishing Cloth Red
Scholl Concepts Red MicroPLUS Cloth is a 40x40cm, extremely soft and receptive polishing cloth fo..
Ex Tax: £5.75
Grey MicroPLUS Cloth 40 X 40cm
Scholl Concepts’ Grey MicroPLUS Premium Universal Cloth offers high absorbency and excellent dirt..
Ex Tax: £9.25
MicroPLUS Blue Finish Cloth
Scholl Concepts MicroPLUS Blue Finish Cloth is an incredibly soft and high quality cloth, us..
Ex Tax: £6.25
MicroPLUS Drying Towel
Scholl Concepts MicroPLUS Drying Towel is a high performance drying towel for your vehicle. ..
Ex Tax: £9.56
MicroPLUS Microfibre Chamois
Scholl Concepts MicroPLUS Microfibre Chamois is the modern equivalent of a traditional chamo..
Ex Tax: £12.90