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The Rock Premium Car Wax 200g
The Rock Premium Car Wax 200g
The Rock Premium Car Wax 200g
The Rock Premium Car Wax 200g
The Rock Premium Car Wax 200g

The Rock Premium Car Wax 200g

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Scholl Concepts
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In 2012, Scholl Concepts celebrated its 50th Anniversary with the launch of two exclusive handmade waxes - Vintage and The Rock. The waxes contain the most expensive and high quality natural raw materials for the very highest demands in regards to paint sealers.

The Rock Premium Paste Wax is made with the highest quality Brazilian Carnauba by expert hands in Remseck, Germany. Thanks to its unique formula, a relatively high and dense layer of wax can be applied evenly without any effort onto the paint surface. This natural and crystal clear wax-shield protects the paint from the elements and leaves a mirror-like, deep, rich gloss. The Rock is a premium wax suitable for all vehicle types that gives four-star rated protection and is beautifully scented with Fresh Fruit. The wax container is packaged in a stylish presentation tin.


  • At least 40g of Carnauba in each 200g pot of wax
  • Creates outstanding shine with rich depth
  • Extreme durability and protection against weather thanks to high content of Carnauba
  • Great water repellent effect. The small water bead size indicates the paint surface is finely and evenly coated thanks to the high density of natural Carnauba wax
  • To fulfil the highest quality demands, the Rock Premium Wax is handmade in small batches of just 10 litres in Remseck, Germany
  • Application of the wax is effortless thanks to the use of high quality oils and natural raw materials
  • A very fair investment-performance ratio

Size: 200g


Step 1 Surface Preparation

Wash the vehicle thoroughly with Scholl Concepts ShamPol. Remove any scratches and worn paint with paint restorer Scholl ConceptsS17+ or, alternatively, with scratch remover Scholl Concepts S3 Gold.

Step 2 Application of the Premium Wax

Smear a small amount (about the size of a hazelnut) of wax evenly on to the Scholl Concepts Black Wax/Dressing Hand Puck. With even force, apply the wax on the paint surface in partially overlapping circular motions. A few seconds later, a film of dried wax residue will appear.

Steps 3-4 Residue removal & Improving gloss

Step 3: Wipe off most of the film with the fleecy Scholl Concepts Grey MicroPLUS cloth. The wax residue may not have to be completely removed.

Step 4: Hand-massage wax for a sustainable paint protection and improved gloss features. Interestingly, Carnauba, the toughest naturally existing wax in the world melts at our body temperature. Therefore, we recommend massaging the paint surface, after wiping off approximately 90% of the wax residue, with the palm of your hand to melt the wax molecules and ensure a tight paint-wax bond. After the "massage", the wax will cure into a shell-like protection, fastened with the paint surface.

Step 5 Finishing

After that, gently polish the entire vehicle with the Scholl Concepts Red MicroPlus Cloth to remove cloudiness and loose wax residue. Polish until a high gloss finish is achieved. In order to minimise polishing time, the hand-massage (step 4) can be omitted. The paint protection is even exemplary without this step!

Our recommendation for hot days:
The hand-massage (step 4) can be omitted when the atmosphere temperature is high. To achieve the same effect, just leave the car in the sun for 30 minutes after removing 90% of the wax residue (step 3). Then park the car under shade and polish the now-softened wax with the Scholl Concepts Red MicroPlus cloth until a high gloss finish is achieved.

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